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Driven by cutting-edge innovation in the field of renewable and energy efficient sources of lighting, GGI Lighting strives to meet the lighting needs of the modern society with its avant-garde customizable lighting solutions. GGI Lighting’s integrated lighting solutions encompass LED, Solar, Storage & Smart Controls. Equipped with over two decades of industry expertise, GGI solution is poised to grow in tandem with the radical transformation the lighting industry is going through.

The very foundation of GGI Lighting offerings lies in the conservation of energy & encouraging its sustainable usage by promoting its renewable sources. While we envision nurturing a progressive society that is resourceful with sustainable use of energy, we aim to accomplish this by taking small steps towards this goal, such as:

  • Small to large-scale implementation of energy-efficient projects
  • Encouragement of performance based contracting for energy savings
  • Making the commercial sector more energy efficient in the next one decade
  • Upgrading the energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings
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New Salata, Sharq Capital Building-311,
P.O Box 37372, Doha - Qatar

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