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Color Clipping Ltd. is a family that work, support and grow together. We are a registered private limited company in Dhaka, Bangladesh and partnered office in London, UK.
providing photo post-processing services like Photo Editing and Retouching
along with boosting e-commerce business with services like Jewelry retouching and Headshot Retouching for brand photography.

We aim to satisfy our clients by providing photo editing services to speed up their workflow. We call ourselves “Photo Beauty Enhancer” and are ambitious to be the exemplary loved brand in our industry.We aim to help you with your photo editing project from start-to-end within the deadline as an in-house post-production team. Our primary focus is to brainstorm, communicate and work together every day in every way. We let every employee perform their very best and allow them to flourish individually, professionally. With a mission of “enhancing perfection,” we not only make our work perfect but also make perfect those who work for us. We are working as a team in a friendly environment. We count every team member on the same level without any form of discrimination.

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143 Grant Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11208, United States

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